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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dracula Cake

After several pink floral cakes, it was definitely time for something a little darker!
This is just another practice cake (but the orders are starting to come in!), and although it's two tiers, I didn't have to bake anything. The top tier used to belong to my Tigger cake and the bottom one used to be covered in cherry blossoms (that's three times for that cake).
Not a whole lot new here, but this was my first time sculpting the roses. I think they turned out OK, but it's definitely gonna require some practice. The part I'm least satisfied with has got to be the second tier. The airbrush went a little heavy on the black, and I tried to even it out, making it even more black...
Next time I'm going to try using less pressure, or possibly just use black dust around the curly things.
Lovin the grass, dracula, and the moon. Tombstones made of gumpaste and tree made of modeling chocolate.

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