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Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Dexter' Cake

One of my favorite shows! Who doesn't love Dexter?
So it is kinda bloody for cake but I love making all types of cakes.
Flowers? Great!
Blood? Awesome!
They're all fun to make, so I'm just going to continue showing off my diversity.
The design is pretty simple, just the logo and some blood. I did want to experiment using my new and improved marshmallow fondant some more, and I'm really liking my recipe. It's much easier to work with than the stuff I had been using. I also took this chance to try out the cutout technique I used on the Funky Piano cake. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as successful on this cake. Since the cutout was so big it was a little difficult to work with. I think I will stick to just placing a thin circle on the top from now on, it would have given the cake a cleaner look.

Since I had some extra blood lying around (royal icing), I figured why not go all out and make it gross. I kinda knew the look would be a bit overboard...great for a horror cake, but Dexter is a little "cleaner" in his work. Maybe an amount somewhere in between would have been best.
Can't wait for the new episode tonight, Season 5 is really coming together!


  1. I've not seen the show Dexter..i have to go check it out. I thought it was the cartoon Dexter..:p Right now, i'm following criminal minds...

  2. I just googled and now i know why all the blood around..Great concept and design! And the red 'blood' looks very realistic!

  3. lol this Dexter is very different from the cartoon. You should check it out! But I warn you it can be pretty violent...
    Thanks bout the blood!

  4. i Love the Show and LOVE LOVE LOVE your cake!!!!