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Monday, April 26, 2010

Colored Petals Cake

It has been quite a while since my last cake...exams have been keeping me busy, but I'm almost done! I had a week long break between exams so I thought it was a great opportunity to fit in one more cake before the end of April. I really had no clue what I wanted to make, but I wanted to use up a lot of my fondant as I'm moving at the end of the month and will just end up tossing what I don't use.
The weather in Montreal has been absolutely beautiful this past week so the theme for this cake seems appropriate. Probably a bit overboard on color, but I was trying to use up my supplies. Looking back at this cake I see so many things I'd like to do, but at the time I honestly just felt like eating cake so didn't invest as much time as I normally would. At least it was tasty!
I'm heading to Maine temporarily in May where I will be able to focus on trying out lots of new cakes and I'm excited to see where the next step takes me!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Martini Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for one of Avery's friends. This was actually my favorite type of cake to make. I had the desired colors, the theme of martinis, and the fact that it was for a bday. Really allowed me to play around with things until I found what I liked. The only thing I would probably change about this cake is to do something with the text. The fondant balls behind "Cara" are kinda distracting, something I didn't notice until I was looking at pics. This one was done under time constraints anyway, so it's no surprise I missed it.
The martini glasses were made of fondant. Would have loved to use gumpaste as it dries into a much more solid product, but I was running low! The "Cara" was made out of gumpaste because strength was definitely required for that, and the letters were lightly brushed with green pearl dust.
I made the cake thinking there was going to be a martini glass cake topper with pink and green ribbons coming out, but apparently that never happened! Too bad as I think that would have looked really cool, but I hear the birthday girl really liked the cake anyway.

In the final countdown of school, so not a whole lot of time for cakes. I'll be lucky if I can make another two this month. Ah well...

Monday, April 5, 2010

'Fists & Fables' Cast Party Cake

This was my second "requested" cake, and I have to say this one was way more fun than the last one! The cake was for a cast party for a Concordia production titled "Fists and Fables". I was told it was a series of skits, and the items I made were some of the main props or themes.
The bottom cake is two layers of white cake with cookies n cream filling, and the top is a single layer of chocolate.

Yes, this is my third bear in a week! Well there was a skit about a bear, so I kinda had to! But I've been getting much better with more practice anyway so I'm glad I was able to have another try. The bear, music notes, iron, and stage lights were made of gumpaste. I used fondant for the paper cutout character and edible ink pens for the coloring. The orange and blue strips were chosen because the Ultramar logo was part of the show, but I didn't think I could make a decent representation so I just included the colors.
Overall I had a really fun time making this one. I think sculpting is turning into my favorite part of cake making. Really enjoy working with gumpaste!
And today is another Monday...which means time to take a little break from cakes. Less than two weeks of classes left!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

1st B-day Animal Party Cake

This was a fun cake to make! It came about as I wanted to practice my gumpaste sculptures as they are quite popular in the cake world these days. So after some trial and error I had these cute animals, and what better cake can show off chubby creatures than a first birthday cake? I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out...they do make me smile when I look at them :) Next time I try sculpting I will try something a little less simple, but this was a good next step into the world of gumpaste.

Oh and my sister Avery suggested I add party hats. She was hanging with me while I was working on the cake and asked if she could make them so I said sure why not. Only thing is I made the rabbit's hat, so it doesn't quite match all the others. I may keep these animals for future cakes and make new accessories for them depending on the theme of the cake (ie. Halloween).

Heart Cake

This is the result of my first request of the free cakes I offered. Honestly not the best experience. The guy who asked for it said the "theme" for the cake was two people from far away reuniting, and hearts could be included. I asked for some color suggestions and sent some possible design ideas, but he said I should do whatever I want. Well, when you're designing a cake for people you don't know anything about, it can be hard to come up with an appropriate product.
So yea, I'm not happy with this one, but the lesson I learned is to never let someone give me ALL the creative freedom. Even though I don't consider this cake a success, as long as I learn something from each cake I can feel like it was worth it.