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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Guitar Cake

Well, technically it is a bass, but most people searching for a cake like this will probably type in 'guitar'.
The body of the guitar is a single layer of red velvet cake covered in a thin coat of cream cheese frosting. It was pretty simple in terms of sculpting cake and I'm happy with the final shape.
The neck, on the other hand, required a bit more thought. I did some research on other guitar cakes and there were a few methods that were common among other cake makers. A lot of people made the neck out of cake, and some people were pretty successful in creating an optical illusion to make it appear that the neck was thin and not a big chunk of cake, but I decided to use another popular technique which involved covering a piece of foam core in fondant. Considering it made it to the event in one piece, I'd consider it a success! Oh and I used spaghetti painted with edible silver paint for the strings, held in place with melted white chocolate.

And three cheers for my "new" SAAB 95 wagon, the perfect vehicle for cake deliveries! This board couldn't even get out my front door without being tilted, so I decided to be extra cautious and take it through the window. When you don't have any help transporting, it can require you to get a little creative!

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