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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Martini Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for one of Avery's friends. This was actually my favorite type of cake to make. I had the desired colors, the theme of martinis, and the fact that it was for a bday. Really allowed me to play around with things until I found what I liked. The only thing I would probably change about this cake is to do something with the text. The fondant balls behind "Cara" are kinda distracting, something I didn't notice until I was looking at pics. This one was done under time constraints anyway, so it's no surprise I missed it.
The martini glasses were made of fondant. Would have loved to use gumpaste as it dries into a much more solid product, but I was running low! The "Cara" was made out of gumpaste because strength was definitely required for that, and the letters were lightly brushed with green pearl dust.
I made the cake thinking there was going to be a martini glass cake topper with pink and green ribbons coming out, but apparently that never happened! Too bad as I think that would have looked really cool, but I hear the birthday girl really liked the cake anyway.

In the final countdown of school, so not a whole lot of time for cakes. I'll be lucky if I can make another two this month. Ah well...

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