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Monday, April 5, 2010

'Fists & Fables' Cast Party Cake

This was my second "requested" cake, and I have to say this one was way more fun than the last one! The cake was for a cast party for a Concordia production titled "Fists and Fables". I was told it was a series of skits, and the items I made were some of the main props or themes.
The bottom cake is two layers of white cake with cookies n cream filling, and the top is a single layer of chocolate.

Yes, this is my third bear in a week! Well there was a skit about a bear, so I kinda had to! But I've been getting much better with more practice anyway so I'm glad I was able to have another try. The bear, music notes, iron, and stage lights were made of gumpaste. I used fondant for the paper cutout character and edible ink pens for the coloring. The orange and blue strips were chosen because the Ultramar logo was part of the show, but I didn't think I could make a decent representation so I just included the colors.
Overall I had a really fun time making this one. I think sculpting is turning into my favorite part of cake making. Really enjoy working with gumpaste!
And today is another Monday...which means time to take a little break from cakes. Less than two weeks of classes left!

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