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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elmo 1st Birthday Cake

Another 1st Birthday cake! And my first time doing a boy's 1st.
The design for the cake is based off a photo I found on Flickr. There are a lot of elements on the cake and it's all the details that make the cake so cool. It was nice to have another cake to base the details off of, just because I didn't have a ton of time available and it can take a while to figure out what looks best.
This was my first time covering a cake board in fondant and I really like the way it looked. The plus to using fondant on the base is that gumpaste letters can be applied with a dab of water, compared to gluing them on with melted white chocolate. But it also means extra care is required to keep the base looking clean. Kind of a pain...

Elmo was made with rice cereal treats and covered in red buttercream with fondant accents. Fortunately a fairly easy character to recreate, especially since there were so many other details. Overall it was a pretty fun cake to make and I look forward to finding out what my next 1st birthday cake will be!

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