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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sleeping Bambi Cake

After taking a bit of a break in December, I'm jumping back into the world of cakes with full force. I have a long list of requested cakes, sample cakes, and cakes I want to do just for fun.
This week I decided to start with something fun.

While browsing cake photos on flickr, I stumbled upon a pretty cute looking Bambi cake. Not only would it be a good addition to my portfolio, but my sister had asked me to make a Bambi cake recently and I had been craving a sculpted cake, so it was the perfect choice!...even if not the most original.
Bambi gave me a little more trouble than I expected, but in the end it turned out OK. I included some in progress photos in a Facebook album as I always find it interesting to see how 3D cakes are made.
The grass was made with buttercream and I used new font cutters for the text.
I experienced many emotions while making this cake (nothing unusual), but in the end it got me really excited to get to work!


  1. interesting! i saw your step by step photos and left comments. I love looking at step by step progress photos but i never remember to take photos when i'm making i would be all stressed out..

  2. haha how many online aliases do you have?
    yeah the step by step photos are fun because it normally takes a while for things to look decent!

  3. And here is the original: