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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cake Lab 2.0 - ZacO Cakes in San Diego!

It's about time!
After working at Twiggs Bakery for two months, followed by six months at Sweet Cheeks Baking Company, I'm finally ready to branch off and bring Cake Lab to the West Coast.  
Is it a little bit scary?  Sure.  But it's been my dream to create my own cakes in a city like this ever since I discovered my passion.  Working for someone else will just never satisfy my creative juices.  
Yes, there will surely be crazy amounts of stress at times...but no risk = no reward!  Lots of people thought it was daring of me to move cross country to a city I had never been to and had no contacts.  Deep down I knew it was the right decision for me, and boy have I been lucky.  The strangers I moved in with from Craigslist couldn't have been better first roommates.  And I landed not one, but two full time cake jobs without ever taking a decorating class or attending culinary school (thank you to my friends and customers in Maine!!)I've also made a small but nice group of friends here and I can easily say I'm having some of the most fun of my life.  Being in a city with beautiful weather year round doesn't hurt either :)
I know it will take some time to pick up, but I know Cake Lab San Diego is going to bring awesome things to my life!  I could not be more excited.
I also have a new website that I'm still working on, but it's passable for now : 

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