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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainbow Butterfly Cake

My parents had been offering to buy me a Cricut Cake machine for months as a graduation gift. If you haven't heard of the Cricut Cakes, they are machines that cut shapes out of fondant, gumpaste, and frosting sheets. At first I thought "no way, it is way too much" (at $399.99 retail). Even at online discount shops the price tag was pretty hefty. On top of that, I originally thought you could only use the frosting sheets to make the cutouts, which they sell at $5 a piece! So for a while I didn't see owning a Cricut in my near future.
Then I heard about a one day sale at a local craft store a few days before Christmas. It was over 50% off, so if I was ever gonna get it that was the time. I told my parents about it and the offer was still available so I am now the proud owner of a Cricut Cake machine!

I was concerned that owning a machine would take the personalization out of my cakes. It is true to an extent, but using the Cricut is really just like using any other cookie cutter, except better because you can make the shapes any size you want. With the limitless size options, the Cricut is a really useful tool.

Using the machine is definitely not as easy as they make it look. If you've never had experience with fondant/gum paste, you really couldn't just buy this machine and make beautiful cakes with a push of the button. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did it became a lot of fun.

Since this was a test cake for my new Cricut, I used it for all the decorations. Once dried, the butterflies were airbrushed in sheen food colors for a metallic look. Really can't wait to see what else this machine can do!

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