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Sunday, August 21, 2011

ARAI "Warfare" Dirtbike Helmet

When I first saw the design for this cake I was pretty intimidated for some obvious reasons. I had no idea if I could do it, but all I knew was that it looked really cool. I decided to accept the challenge and test out my painting skills.
I was actually really pleased with the way the tribal design turned out, which was the result of about 7 hours of painting with small brushes and toothpicks. Although I really wish I only had to do the one side...I planned on doing the left side first and having it be the "practice" side, but the left side ended up looking nicer, probably because I was feeling fresher, so it ended up being the presentation side.
While I'm fairly happy with the end result, there is definitely something wrong that keeps this from being a great cake. I think the shape is kinda off (and not just the lumpiness on the top...). I didn't expect this to be a difficult shape to carve, but when I was working with just a 2D image I wasn't really sure how the shape was supposed to be. Kinda time I'll need to buy and return a real helmet so I'll have something to compare to.


  1. Hello Zach, would it be possible to use this photo plus story on my website? I designed the warfare graphics for Arai.

    Nice cakes by the way!


  2. Hi Joe. Sure thing! I feel honored that the original artist thinks I did a good enough job at translating their design to cake. It was an awesome design to work off of! I'd love to see the link to you website.

  3. That's great, thanks. I'm working on my new site right now which will be a blog-ish style and I thought this would make a cool post (you know you've made it when someone commissions a cake with your helmet design on it!). I'll use a photo and link to your post if you're happy with that?

    My current site (with the Arai on it) is